Essential Oil Roller kit


Basic Brujas essential oil rollers kit of 4 units (Self-love, Protection, Relax and Cleanse + Create (contains one of each)



Our products are meant for spiritual support only, not as a prescription or healthcare recommendation. Crystal and Spiritual healing is not intended to substitute medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Skincare products such as Essential Oil Rollers, and Body scrubs are for external use only. If you have any skin reactions, please discontinue immediately. If you have any medical concerns, please seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional

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Now you can get all Four Basic Brujas essential oil rollers in one! This kit includes:

“Protection” essential oil roller contains sandalwood, jasmine and oak moss oils that give out a musky, masculine smell that, combined with our handpicked protection crystals (black obsidian, tigers eye and amethyst) are sure to make you feel strong and courageous!

“Self-love” Essential Oil Roller, made with the sweetest ingredients to evoke feelings of happiness, prosperity and universal love. A scent of fig and Amber, infused with rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst, and the gemstone rollers to match.

“Relax” Essential Oil Roller is a calming blend of lavender, eucalyptus and coconut oils, infused with amethyst, fluorite and aventurine crystals for relaxation and good vibes

“Cleanse + Create” Essential Oil Roller is an energizing blend of palo santo, lemon and coconut oils, infused with lapis lazuli and red jasper crystals, to cleanse your aura, open the throat chakra to aid in self-expression and creativity



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Weight 10 oz
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